Adult Dog Classes

Adult Dog Classes

Basic Manners Classes/Better behaviours
Are you struggling with your adult dog’s behaviour, walks becoming more of a chore than a pleasure? Then basic manners classes can help you.
Basic manners training teaches key behaviours to make your everyday life easier. We target common problem behaviours, such as jumping up, pulling on the lead, running away and lack of focus.
During these sessions you have the option to work towards the IMDT Grade 1, 2 or 3 where a certificate is issued.

Behaviours taught:
Meeting dogs appropriately
Greeting people appropriately
Play with other dogs appropriately
Loose-Lead Walking
Leave it
Send away
Basic scent work

During each session there will be breakouts including time to play, investigate objects, finding toys or food, and experience different surfaces.

Here are a few examples of typical play zones:
Wobble board
Sound box
Water pool or sand box
Search area
Urban Herding (also known as Treibball)
Flyball touch pad
Mats (zone area)

Every week after class you will be sent an email detailing all of the behaviours we have studied during class. This will allow you to refer to these as needed if you begin to experience problems or you need to revisit your training.

Advanced Manners Classes/Best Behaviours
We are running advanced classes where graduates of both the WAG Puppy grade level 3 or Basic Manners classes can continue to further the skills that they have learned.
Advanced classes build stronger behaviour patterns in response to a variety of situations so you know you can rely on them when needed.  We also teach the dogs to increase focus, through distance control and recall with higher distractions.
Trick training and further scent work are also introduced, showing owners a variety of ways to engage with their dogs to keep them out of trouble!
Advanced class is limited to six dogs who have previously attended classes with ourselves or who have trained previously to a high level.

Please call on 07976 838965 or email for further information