IMDT Owners Grades

About the  Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT)
The IMDT was founded in 1999 by Steve Mann who is a well known trainer/behaviourist in the UK. It has about a network of 350 qualified trainers and over 8,000 trainers and owners have attend classes and lectures.

All IMDT trainers adhere to a code of conduct so you can be sure that only modern reward based methods will be recommended. In addition, all members have passed a theoretical assessment and rigorous practical we also undertake continuous professional development to stay up to date, plus re-assessment every two years.

Each Grade sets out a group of behaviours for the dog and handler to work towards achieving over a period of 6 weeks (this period can be extended where required), adding more duration, distance and distraction for each level.

A certificate and rosettes are issued when the dog achieves the required standard at each level.

7 Exercises to be completed at Grade 1 Level:
Loose Lead Walking
Body Inspection
Recall from Play
Cone Search/Retrieve
You can find more information about IMDT Grade 1 in this PDF download.

7 Exercises to be completed at Grade 2 level:
Loose Lead Walking
Clear Jump
Recall including Emergency Stop
Tricks x3
Cone Search/Retrieve to Hand
You can find more information about IMDT Grade 2 in this PDF download.

7 Exercises to be completed at Grade 3 level:
Dead retrieve – 2 toys, through 20 meters distraction alley
Send away – around 2 markers 15 meters apart
Leave & give – x3 (must be a mix of each) – food/toys can be used
Meeting and greeting stranger – (on/off lead) – all four paws must remain on the ground while greeting is taking place
Meeting and greeting another dog – (on/off lead) – 3-6 seconds then move away on command
Find/search – 1 find one scent out of 3 scents place under 10 cones
Loose lead – through 20 meters distraction alley, ignore other dogs, toys or food
More information to come soon.